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Deploy your digital security support to your human resources in a blink of an eye. Our elearning platform is accessible everywhere 24 hours a day to everyone of your staff members.

Our multilingual modules are designed for all audiences. The team member learn at his own pace and ease.

In addition to an easily digestible content, the learner can interact with our experts through the platform and ask his questions.

Carefully designed content, permanently enriched:

Awareness online module

The cautiously scripted online content of the awareness raising module of Paladax introduces staff members to cyber-securitystakes. It catches the attention of the learner and teaches him the good practices one should adopt in order to prevent oneself from the risk of being targeted or used as a vector to target his organization.

Result : awareness of the cyber-risk, knowledge of the basics of the safe behavior and involvement in strengthening one’s skills to avoid being a "weak link" in the organization's system.

Duration: 30 minutes self-paced

Participants: all audiences, without pre-requisite

Cyber-Hygiene online training session

Cyber-hygiene training session’s elearning version, this module lets the learner acquire at his own pace the techniques to avoid being used as a vector for a cyber-attack. On the syllabus: Acquiring safe behavior in the cyber-space, good reflexes in the private and professional spheres, acquaintance with the security tools they have at hand: password managers, multiple factors authentication…

transform your staff member into a rampart and a lookout for your IT system, your common wealth.

Duration: 2 hours self-paced

Participants: all audiences, without pre-requisite

Anti-phishing micro-module

Phishing, a set of techniques used to squeeze out of a human target sensitive information (accounts' logins and passwords, credit card numbers,...), represents an absolute plague worldwide. These attacks can nevertheless be contained by raising users’ awareness. This micro-module goes straight to the point with essential instructions to avoid falling in phishing traps. An organization managing online accounts (bank, shoppingwebsite, insurance company…), can deploy this micro-module to its users and considerably reduce the fraud cases to deal with.

Result : the users (clients, suppliers,...) know they can be targets for phishing and learn to be careful about it. It becomes much more uneasy to trap them.

Duration: 15 minutes

Participants: all audiences, without pre-requisite

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