More than 80% of cyber-attacks succeed due to human vulnerabilities.
Incorporate the human factor in your digital risk management and enable your teams to be a new line of cyber-defense.

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An essential link in cyber-security

The majority of successful cyber attacks are due to the exploitation of human vector: no degree of sophistication of any cyber-security system can consistently prevent them.

Digital security strategies integrating the human factor are thus more exhaustive, more efficient.

With “Human-Chain” solutions, Paladax helps you prepare your human resources to face cyber risks (raising awareness, training, tools, protocols,...). In this way, they can be an integral part of your cyber-security system.

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Complete your cyber-security system by building your HR defense pillar

Your "Human-Chain"

It is the preparation of all your staff members so they will adopt the best digital security practices. Instead of being the privileged vector exploited by pirates to bypass your IT defenses, your employees act as an additional layer of cyber-defense.
Your cyber-security system becomes thus more comprehensive: In addition to the technical solutions (anti-virus, fire-walls, encryption,...), and the IT system administration (permissions and access management, equipment and network use policies...), your Human Resources become watchful and aware of their responsibility.

Paladax supports you :

Human-Chain customized support

Together, let's identify your needs and implement an HR plan which fits in your cyber-security strategy. The HR implemented support (awareness heightening, training, policies, tools) will be tailor-made to match needs, according to your industry, your organization, your practices, your existing solutions as well as your strategic vision in terms of cyber-security. More.

Human-Chain Modules

Build your HR layer of defense thanks to the HR solutions of Paladax: awareness raising interventions, training sessions educating your employees to best digital security practices, as well as training sessions dedicated to traveling staff members. These services are designed for all audiences and are reinforced by our interactive, always accessible elearning platform. More.

Human-Chain customized support

Listening to you to build your tailor-made

Viewed as a weak link by the malevolent digital actors, your human resources are their preferred target. Combining aware and trained staff with IT solutions, the organization arms itself with an efficient cyber- security strategy. It anticipates and takes into account the always growing trend of the human vector exploitation. It learns.

Accompagnement cyber-sécurité sur-mesure Tailor-made cybersecurity support

Paladax experts are here to understand your needs in order to provide a solution perfectly in line with your strategic vision:

  • Introduction to the cyber-security awareness heightening in your internal events
  • Prevention campaigns
  • Design of training sessions and workshops adapted to your different audiences
  • Definition of cyber-hygiene protocols, sharing and implementation
  • Simulations of attacks exploiting the HR vector (phishing,...)
  • ...

The customized support of Paladax can also help you set up preventive actions toward the actors of your ecosystem (clients, suppliers,...). Our online modules and classroom training sessions can indeed be deployed to your partners.

Human-Chain Modules

Build your internal HR defense layer:

Awareness intervention

The awareness raising intervention is a preliminary stage to the implementation of an HR cyber-security pillar. Using demonstrations specifically designed to attract one's attention and raise awareness, our experts intervene with your leaders, managers or staff members to heighten their awareness of the digital security of your organization.
During an assembly or an internal seminar, a Paladax expert presents the stakes of cyber-security and its impact on organizations. The expert emphasizes the role of each member of the whole staff in connection with these stakes. He brings forward practical examples which are relevant to the audience.

Result : the participants are aware of the stakes of cyber-security, for themselves and for their organization. They know generally the threats which they can be targets of and realize they must be watchful.

Typical duration: 1/2 day (the expert adapts the number of the presented cases and the level of details to the given time)

Participants: all audiences, without pre-requisite

Cyber-Hygiene training session

The participants to this training session take an intensive program to learn how to identify attempts to transform them into backdoors to your systems. They also learn to adopt a safe behavior in the cyber-space, they acquire the right reflexes to have in their private life (often used to better trick them) and the professional one. Finally, the participants become acquainted with the security tools they have at hand: password managers, multiple factors authentication…

Result: By understanding the general schema of attacks using human vectors, by implementing the tools and reflexes of a "cyber-hygiene", your trained and watchful HR, make it extremely difficult to malevolent actors of the internet who seek to target your organization via the human vector.

Typical duration: 2 days

Participants: up to 12 learners, all audiences, without pre-requisite

Widen your defense perimeter:

Travel cyber-hygiene training session

Your staff members in business travel abroad are particularly vulnerable to cyber-attacks. These can be very diverse and take place in the airport or the hotel or at the visited partner's location. This module is dedicated to them so they can prepare their travel and adapt depending on the destination: phone and computers preparation, vigilance of public connections, interactions in transit areas...

Result : the staff members are aware of the scale of the means used to spy on or attack an organization via its traveling staff. They know accessible methods and tools to defend themselves by considerably complicating the work of the hostile actors.

Typical duration: 3 days

Participants: up to 8 learners, pre-requisites: cyber-hygiene training session (cyber-hygiene online training available uphill)

Anti-phishing online micro-module

Phishing, a set of techniques used to squeeze out of a human target sensitive information (accounts' logins and passwords, credit card numbers,...), represents an absolute plague worldwide. Yet, these attacks, which success is almost exclusively relying on the absence of watchfulness from the users, can be contained when the users are aware of the threat. This micro-module goes straight to the point simply explaining how to avoid the trap of phishing. An organization managing accounts (bank, shopping website, insurance company...), can share it with its users and tremendously decrease the incidents to deal with.

Result : the users (clients, suppliers,...) know they can be targets for phishing and learn to be careful about it. It becomes much more uneasy to trap them.

Duration: 15 minutes

Participants: no limit, all audiences, without pre-requisite

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